Energy Storage

Capacitors exhibit remarkable power density while batteries have excellent energy density. Supercapacitors offer a good combination of energy and power density. I demonstrated two different supercapacitor designs from niobium nanowires. The first design is in the form of a yarn, suitable for wearable, flexible, and stretchable devices (Figure A) and the second design is a planar supercapacitor suitable for micro-electronics (Figure B).

Figure – (A) Addition of PEDOT to the interior of the nanowire structure increases capacitance. Inset top: Electrolyte and PEDOT within the yarn are shown in blue and red colors respectively. Red and blue spheres represent positive and negative ions. Inset bottom: scanning electron microscopy image of the niobium nanowires. (B) Fabrication steps of the VA-NbNW electrodes. (C,D) False color SEM images of step 1 and 3 outcomes.

Publications on this topic:

We had news converage for this project and the work was featured on some news outlets including:

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