COVID-19 Response

APA (Affordable, Portable, and Accessible) Ventilator


In the COVID-19 pandemic, we formed a small team to develop a low-cost (less than $250), high performance, and rapidly deployable Ventilator to address its shortage worldwide. We successfully built and tested the device on an artificial lung over 80,000 cycles. Our goal is to make this work available to the public as an open-source project so people worldwide can use it. In particular, in under-developing countries, where very few or even no ventilator device is available in the medical facilities, this device can be life-saving. The sole purpose of this project is to contribute to public health as a humanitarian action and there is no financial gain for the organizers/researchers.

  • Mid February: State of emergency was declared.
  • Late February: The idea of making a low-cost ventilator was formed.
  • Mid March: Prototype completed.
  • Early April: All the core functionality tests were completed.
  • Early April – Late July: Investigating funding opportunities for animal studies and clinical trials.
  • Late July: Created GoFundMe fundraising campaign.
Future Milestones
  • Successfully conducting animal trials.
  • Successfully clinical trials on humans.
  • Open sourcing the design and the results.
  • Promoting the project.
Team Members
  • Seyed Mo Mirvakili, PhD
  • Douglas Sim, MEng
  • Professor Robert Langer

Should you have any questions, please do feel free to contact us.

If you like to contribute to this high-impact project, please consider donating to and/or sharing our fundraising campaign.

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