Projects initiated/worked on: (the published works can be found under the “Publication” tab. The links are for the images and videos associated to the projects.)

  • Postdoc/Graduate/Undergarudate:
    • Low-cost artificial respirators (2020-now).
    • Wireless chemical delivery (2017-now).
    • Artificial muscles (system level and device level) (collaborated with other teams, initiated and worked on some projects) (2011-now). Video I, Video II, Video III.
    • Supercapacitors (initiated and worked on the project, collabroated with another team) (2014 – now).
    • Energy harvesting (system level device design) (2012, 2015, 2017). Video I, Video II.
    • Bio-photovoltaic (collaborated with other lab members, proposed and worked on the fabrication technique) (2011-2013).
    • Campus-wide market software for students (led a team of software engineers) (2013).
    • Sensor networks (initiated and worked on the project) (2012).
    • Energy harvesting from rain drops (initiated and worked on the project) (2011).
    • Classroom response software (initiated and worked on the project, led a team of software engineers) (2011). Image.
    • Biofluid battery (initiated and worked on the project) (2011).
    • iPhone-powered Electrocardiogram (initated and worked on the proejct) (2009).
    • Vehicular Power Line Communication (PLC) (collaborated with another team member, worked on the project) (2008).
  • Before undergradaute studies (selected):
    • Measurement devices – won Khwarizmi award for this project (2003).
    • Magnetic sweeper robot (2003).
    • Audio power amplifier (sold to a client)(2002).
    • Car alarm system (sold to a client)(2002).
    • FM/AM transmitters (2001). Image.
    • AM radio (1997).
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