Soft Robotics

Pneumatic actuators require a source of pressure for operation. This pressure is often provided by bulky and pricey peripherals (compressors, valves, gas tanks, etc.). While working on a different project, through serendipity, I realized my approach could address the mentioned challenge associated with pneumatic actuators! We reduced the cost of the device from >$1000 toContinue reading “Soft Robotics”

Fiber Actuators/Artificial Muscles

Also known as muscle-like actuators are devices/materials that can expand/shrink in length, bend, or rotate in response to an external stimulus such as heat, electric field, magnetic field, light, fluid pressure, redox reactions, etc. I have worked on the following types of artificial muscles at a system level and also device level. Thermal actuators: As theContinue reading “Fiber Actuators/Artificial Muscles”

Energy Storage

Capacitors exhibit remarkable power density while batteries have excellent energy density. Supercapacitors offer a good combination of energy and power density. I demonstrated two different supercapacitor designs from niobium nanowires. The first design is in the form of a yarn, suitable for wearable, flexible, and stretchable devices (Figure A) and the second design is aContinue reading “Energy Storage”


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